I have started doing art

Hello everyone! It’s been a while and I came back again. A few weeks ago I got very into art and have been drawing myself little by little. I wanted to show you my latest one and the one I am very proud of.

I made this with the help of a reference so I have nice shades and guidance. I am so bad at knowing where the shadows go and where not. But I hope you like it! (^_^)

What do you guys think? Also just enjoy and don’t steal because I will cry mucho 😢.

☆~ BrendaGtz ~☆


No Japan and I Change Language Too Much

Hello! This is Brenda again!

Short and simple: I didn’t get into JET to work as an ALT in Japan. It’s ok. I kind of expected it. At least I tried and I don’t regret it. I also got a health checkup and thanks to that I now know that I am doing great and I have no problems with my health.

I joined this website called Discord a few months back and I think it helped me a lot with my depression and anxiety after I graduated. Part of the “adulthood” life was beginning and my parents were giving too much and I couldn’t take it. “How are you gonna do it to pay loans?” “Why are you back home? I thought you were gonna work in so and so city” “How about you go back to school so you don’t have to pay loans yet?” “Go find a job Brenda! Apply to this and that!” I hate summer too. I have always hated it and I always will. Summer is the most boring season of the year. I am always at home, it’s so hot outside (50C or 120F more or less), no friends at my hometown and I don’t feel like making any, and just other personal stuff make my summer super boring. I liked school because I was able to hang out with people and go eat with them, talk, see many people, walk, feel relaxed….

I am still not sure what I wanna do with my life. Discord has helped me a lot. No, I don’t use Discord to play video games, although it is known for that, what I do is check different servers that work for language learning and we help each other out. I am a moderator in the Spanish-English server and I welcome people in a Japanese server. I’d like to continue on something that has to do with language, so I hope something will come up soon.

I met a super sweet guy online on Discord. We spent talking for hours the first time he joined the server. We just started talking about deep stuff and since we both learned that we are into that stuff, we continued talking more and more that now we are in a long distance relationship. He is from the Netherlands and is studying Japanese and lingustics; hint why I am learning Dutch. I’d like to go visit him as much as he wants to visit me in California and I want to prepare myself and have some food, language, history about the Netherlands before I go. I gotta educate myself!

He is very caring and he also doesn’t know what he wants to do in life, but we both support each other in whatever we want to do in life. He currently is learning Spanish and making rap songs for fun on YouTube. I also have a YouTube channel and support each other. I think he and I are made for each other xD  I hope to meet with him soon and we can start getting to know each other much better in person. So far in Skype it’s really good and I feel comfortable and I can be my weird normal self in front of him without feeling intimidated and nervous of the things he would think about me. I think he also feels the same.

Life changes for one day to another and you just have to adjust to what you can and have a Plan B or C, and if those don’t work, make a Plan D.

Thank you for reading ^^


Dutch Food / Snacks

Hallo! Ik ben Brenda! Ik leer Nederlands! Ik wil in Nederland ga! (Hello! I am Brenda! I am learning Dutch! I want to go to the Netherlands!) (^_^*)

Dutch is pretty easy to learn because it’s just so similar to English! I especially like the “g” sound because it sounds cool and strong. There is just something about the “g” that I like. My new favorite Dutch word is “gratis” because that word also exists in Spanish which means “free” (also the fact that there is a “g” and an “r” next to each other).

I would like to save these food pictures here so when I have the chance to go to the Netherlands I can make sure I will eat all of these foods.






Credit: Kokende Oma



Credit: Dutch Community




Credit: Just One Cook Book

Frikandel: Curry Sauce


Credit: Gourmandize



Credit: Smuweb



Credit: Holland.com



Credit: Huffington Post

I posted the credits / sources if you guys want to know more about the food and the ingredients. Some of them are in Dutch though.

Thank you for reading!


I changed language

Hello everyone! 久しぶりですね。

For my last year in university, I decided to take Japanese classes and I took it for 3 quarters and I fell in love with the language. It’s a bit difficult sometimes, but I still like it. One important reason why I love Japanese is because it has hiragana, katakana and kanji. It’s easy to know the meaning of a word if it’s written in kanji and katakana, since when writing Japanese, you don’t leave spaces in between each word. Although many people would disagree with this reason to love Japanese, I am okay with it. I am enjoying it. (^_^*)

I know my major is French and I worked so hard for 3 years to finish my major. However, my last year was not motivating. I love learning languages and… who wouldn’t like to learn French? However, my last year involved French in literature. I have to be honest, I don’t really like to read books, unless it sounds like an interesting topic. My fall quarter was full of 17th century (I think) books; very hard to understand since it was old French. Example books are “Phèdre” and “Le misanthrope”. My winter quarter were a bit easier but complex at the same time. Books included “Le mariage de Figaro” and “La religieuse”.

I am in my last quarter now, and I have to finish two essays for my French classes and a thesis (12-15 pages) due next week in French. So the thing is, I don’t feel prepared to speak French and I am never comfortable writing French. Why? Because for me those books didn’t help me understand French and I couldn’t learn more French. For me, it was more of a learn-French-on-your-own-and-let’s-read-difficult-books-now. hahaha

Anyways, I have been concentrating on Japanese lately. It’s my ultimate language right now. I have a lot of interest in Asian languages and if I want to specialize in an Asian language, I might as well choose Japanese. Japanese equals a mixture of Korean and Chinese. In my opinion, it is so because Japanese and Korean grammar are very similar, and Japanese and Chinese share characters. However, I am aware that just because I know Chinese characters doesn’t mean it’s written the same way in Japanese, because I know that kanji strokes might be different (traditional, simplified, or their own way) than hanzi (漢字/汉字); for example the word “library”: Chinese (trad) 圖書館, Chinese (simp) 图书馆, and Japanese 図書館.It’s very interesting to note the differences for each of them. A good example of how Japanese shares simplified Chinese in their writing, the word “school” 学校 are the same (Chinese traditional is 學校). However, the word “Korean” 韓国 includes the traditional Chinese character for the first one, and the second one is simplified Chinese for the second character (Compare: Chinese simplified is 韩国, and Chinese traditional is 韓國).

So you can see how interesting Japanese has become for me! Therefore I use a Latin / Romantic language, a Germanic language, and an Asian language. Different regions, different language structures.

So far, I have used Genki I and Genki II for 9 months. And I also bought the actual JLPT N5 book from Japan Foundation, and I just need time to do the listening practice and I will be done. N5 is pretty easy. I ordered N4 a few days ago and will be arriving back home in a few days. I am planning on working in Japan. I am looking into Eikawa and ALT companies / programs that offer those kinds of teaching English jobs like JET. JET is very famous, all the Japanese professors announce about an option for working abroad teaching English in Japan and a lot of YouTubers talk about JET too. I heard it’s very competitive. So I will be working my ass off during summer and fall to find a job and experience so I can be unique from other people, or at least stand out from the rest. I am ready for the challenge.

I would really like to make videos and post them here about my adventures in Japan.

It’s already late at night so I will post soon.

Thank you for reading! (^__^)


“Thai Culture Night” Play and Thai Books!

สวัสดีค่ะ (sawasdi ka) – I just said “Hello” in Thai. 🙂

Hello everyone! I am going to summer school in college right now and I have been so tired ever since spring quarter started at university. I used to have three classes, but one of them was very difficult and decided to drop. Right now, I am only taking Astronomy and Photography. I am finally taking classes I love to learn about. Both of my professors are amazing! My astronomy professor seems very strict, but if you get to know her, you will realize that she is very nice and very easy to talk to. We had this talk this week on Tuesday about Pluto and the play I was in. She heard me talk about it to one of my classmates. They were like 20 minutes worth of my time. On the other side (or same side), my photography professor… I have never met a professor to be very fun. We can all be very fun and show our strengths and work on the difficult stuff at the same time. Even if I am having fun like many of my classmates, I AM learning, as I am sure the rest of my classmates are as well. Everyone is like super nice, I can’t handle both classes. I feel kinda sad to know that in a few weeks we will be done. 😦

Update on what I’ve been doing: Ever since spring quarter started (on April), I have been very busy practicing for an event called “Thai Culture Night”. it’s a play written by one of my friends from Thai Club and she was a fourth year. She was the script-writer and the director. I am very thankful to her for working very hard for this play to work at its best because there were a couple problems like people not going on time for practice, others had tests (which they were free to not go or to stay for a while, she was very flexible with that kind of stuff), and among other stuff. But everything else seemed to work. As for me, I never wanted to be absent, I felt the need to study after practice, which I know it’s bad and it’s bad to procrastinate. I haven’t been a very good student, but my grades were still very good. Also, I am Co-Event Coordinator in Thai Club Board and Script Writer (with another friend) for 2015-2016! Yayyy! I am so happy! 🙂 I am hoping to do my very best for next year’s Thai Club and for another good Thai Culture Night!

So this is why I was very busy for Thai Culture Night: I was the antagonist in the past history (so i had to wear Thai traditional clothes), I learned a Thai traditional dance, learned how to play a Thai instrument called ขิม (Kim), and I was always there to help people out for substituting and things like that. We had the most difficult scene, I still remember it was scene 17. I had to re-appear in the present time of the play to try to mess things up with a hermit which was the main character that I was in love with 200 years ago, and mess things up with the main girl whom I was supposed to hate for stealing the guy from me. So I was going to tell them the truth about the hermit but I wanted to torture them first, and then the main girl, Soi was her name, asked Gumlai (me) to tell her about the secret that the main guy was the hermit. So I told her that I was so tired of hearing her voice (I had to raise my voice in an angry way) and as I was pulling away, she grabbed my arm and I tried to get away from her and she wouldn’t let go until I could and “slapped” her. The whole audience was in shock and into it. While she was on the floor, I told her, “SOI! IT’S OVER NOW!!!” and then at the end I was going to tell her the truth but another character, which was my great great great nephew, caught the witch doctor who helped me through all this and I died again.

I will share a couple pictures.


This was me dancing Thai Traditional dance.


The rest of the cast (the guy was my brother, P’Mek).


Gumlai and Soi playing the Thai instrument.


Gumlai fighting with Soi, the main character in the past.


Gumlai went to the Witch Doctor to “get rid off” Soi.


Gumlai was angry because she didn’t understand why everyone was sad about Soi’s death. “She’s gone. They should get over it. Why do they make such a big deal?” No one knew that Gumlai had done this by the way.


After 200 years, Gumlai got to know her great great great nephew, named Aran.


After Gumlai slapped Soi, Gumlai’s line was “SOI! IT’S OVER NOW!!!”


After Aran, grabbed the Witch Doctor’s talisman, Gumlai “re-died”.

This is the first play I have ever been in my life. I have always been so shy and all, but this time, because of all the nice people I met there, I decided that it was about time for me to get out there and be more extroverted and more out there because it’s very important for the future when I have to work. Otherwise, how can I talk to people when I have to translate for them? I want to be a friendly-looking person where people feel comfortable by my side when I help them out.

By the way, if you guys want to check out the play, I will share a link. UCI TCN 2015: The Foregoing Flower

Ok, so now I will talk about the Thai materials I have bought for my knowledge adventure.



So this book is the best! I mean it! It gets you to practice how to pronounce the different tones. In Thai, there are five different tones: middle, low, high, rising, falling. Also, there are short vowels and long vowels. And there are a lot of rules, it gets very complicated, but this books teaches you all the rules. You just need to be patient. It would be best to also buy the CD, which I did, and I can hear the tones and the voice because we as learners of languages, can make mistakes even if there is a book right in front of us. You can write a couple times all the consonants and vowels, there are vocabulary words, and sentences as examples to know how to use the words. There are following ones, but I am not there yet, like Intermediate and Advanced. I am still a beginner. I have no teacher to teach me this, unless I consult friends from the club I am in.

thai phrasebook


This book shows you different phrases for different occasions. It’s more for traveling purposes and flirting and stuff. I mean, if I was in Thailand and saw this handsome Thai guy, I would approach to him and speak Thai. Maybe, just maybe, he’ll understand me. Anyways, this is for foreigners who want to survive by themselves in Thailand. It is also good when you are learning outside the country, but I would recommend learning as much before going to a country. It’ll make you and the rest better. You will also surprise a couple people here and there. It’s not like I’ve traveled, but I imagine someone speaking some fluent Spanish words to me and my first reaction would be surprise and happiness. Who doesn’t want to hear someone from another country try to speak another language? I do!



This book is from the same author as the first book I presented. I really like this book. However, for me it’s a big confusing and they speak too fast for my level. I can understand some words here and there. I guess this is for people who already know some less basic to intermediate  level and want to learn some important phrases (?) I really like it, don’t get me wrong, and I love that there are Thai people pronouncing the sentences, or else, I would be thinking, “I think that’s how you say it”. Some phrases are funny by the way.

Instant Thai_cvr_rev11.indd


This book sounds a lot like the second book I presented. They are more for traveling purposes. It also has different sections that you can use for different purposes, like others I did not mention before; for example, hotel, airport, and restaurants. Like I said before, it’s traveling related. I like it too. There are verbs which I need and love to learn because that’s how I can express myself n Thai and in any other language.

And BONUS: Photos of Pluto, since New Horizons flew by there. It is the most exciting thing in this generation. Hoping for more new stuff. Can’t wait to see more about the Kuiper Belt when New Horizons gets there. I want to cry every time I see anything about new discoveries about this Universe.

11700832_10153399480451772_3376437251938198024_o And a funny one: 11737808_10204583332798445_4023406378796475800_n

There are a whole lot more Pluto’s pictures, and you can check them out either on the NASA Facebook, New Horizons Facebook, or NASA’s official webpage. My friend has been sending me links about Pluto from Reddit, which I can say you can go in there too and have some intellectual talk with the rest of the people commenting about it. You might see me commenting about it on Facebook, though. 🙂

I feel sometimes I can’t keep promises, but I will try to get back here as soon as possible.

Credits for Thai Culture Night photos: Joey Vongpanya

Credits for Pluto: NASA and & Facebook

Credits for Thai books: Paiboon Publishing,  Lonely Planet, Paiboon Publishing (2), Simon & Schuster


Long Time No See!

Hello everyone!

I am totally sorry for not being able to post anything for quite a long time. I have been going through a lot of stuff. But now I am in a very exciting point. I joined in last October in one club from my university. I joined Thai Club. Throughout my last previous years in university, I haven’t came up across a group of people this nice as Thai Club. My first year I joined a Korean awareness Korean club which some people were nice and some weren’t really welcoming. You know what’s worst? They were board members! Very bad example, right? I joined their sub-group that was a Kpop dance team. My second year was still join the Korean awareness club just to join for the Kpop dancing team, and a Taiwanese club. I definitely liked more the Taiwanese club, but after I joined as Staff, their welcoming side was kind of forgotten by them. I felt a bit weird since I was the only non-Taiwanese member. I also went through some depression during that time but their lantern festival, kind of helped me get over it for a few hours. I realized that there was no point in going to the dancing team anymore. I once sent them on their Facebook group a post about my feelings and what I thought about them. I told them a lot about their truths. They all sounded “to sympathize” with me, but I would never believe by heart their words on there. I am lucky enough that in my third year, I was able to go out a lot of my comfort zone and without knowing anyone, I entered to Thai Club and they welcomed me. I have met very nice people. Sometimes I feel out of place when they speak Thai, but there are a few people like me, non-Thai but other Asians like Chinese who still have joined. So sometimes I try to join more the people who speak English when there is a bunch of Thai friends speaking in Thai. It’s fun to listen though. I have been learning Thai with some Thai books I have bought and I will soon share with you guys!

These are some of my friends when we went to have fun at Downtown Disney and played Scavenger Hunt together! My team won!

These are some of my friends when we went to have fun at Downtown Disney and played Scavenger Hunt together! My team won!

My team!

My team!

Me! So weird that my name was there! haha

Me! So weird that my name was there! haha

I thought about this page last week and I felt a bit sad. But I will write when I have time. Next week, I have three chapter tests and a midterm, so I will be studying on the weekend. This quarter, I am taking 5 classes. This is my first time taking 5. The total number of units are 22. I am taking French 2B, Italian 1B, Chinese 1B, French 150 (history class), and Psychology 9. Plus, I added a minor now: Psychology and Social Behavior. I will have to stop taking so many languages to be able to graduate soon. In a few minutes I will have to leave from my room because I will joining Thai Club for bowling. I am ready to lose. Haha

ขอบคุณนะค่ะ (khob khun na ka) – Thank you in Thai!


My First Day of Class

Hello everyone! Yesterday was barely my first day of school and I already feel tired. It’s okay. I wake up at 6:30am because I want to be ready at 8:30am and walk around with no hurry to my first class at 9am, which is Italian.

I have to say that the professors I have for every language class I am taking right now (three) are very exciting, bright, and happy. And I really like that. My French history class is nothing like that. This is why I enjoy taking language class.

My Italian class is amazing! We are a small group because no one wants to go at 9am just to take Italian… But I do and the rest of my classmates. She introduced herself to everyone in the small class individually so we could introduce ourselves as well and shake hands with her. We had to answer like this: “Mi chiamo ____. Piacere mio.” (My name is ____. My pleasure.) Sometimes she said a few things in Italian about a person. For me, she asked me if I spoke Spanish and I answered: “Sì. Io sono…. Mexican?” (Yes. I am….. Mexican?” It was “messicana“. I saw it before, but at the time I forgot.

My French class was next. I got to my French classroom in time because the professor from Italian level two was talking about classes that he was going to teach. I was able to see a few people that I recognized and I sat on the very front like I always do. Our French professor wasn’t interactive but she explained about what we were going to do in French class. I still don’t know whether I dreamt about it or it’s real. Our French professor made us write our name, email, and our preferences / hobbies because she will try to match us with a similar French student from the University of Bordeaux (Université de Bordeaux)! We will be able to get a French partner and meet through webcam and talk. They are learning English and we are learning French and we can learn about the cultures and learn more English words. Isn’t exciting? I almost cried in class when I knew about it. We will be writing a blog, of course, each in the language we are learning and I look forward to meeting my future French friend and that we can learn a lot about culture and language.

And finally I went to Chinese class right after French. I found one person that was in a club I used to participate last year, but I decided to quit because I knew I was going to be really busy. He and I talked for a while about Korean class and Chinese now. So we go inside the class anxious to learn Chinese already. And the professor was happy to know most of us were girls. She kind of sounded like a feminist, I must admit. Anyways, she explained the rules about class and such. She made us play a game where we had to say our name, major, and something we like to do. We have to memorize the names of our classmates because if we don’t, we need to sing a Chinese song in front of the class on Fridays. Same thing goes when forgetting to bring a book to class. It sounds very fun, because I would gladly get up in front of the class and sing a song in Chinese. I already did my fun homework, which was to look for a Chinese name. I also consulted a Chinese friend to help me and find out if it was a good name and if it didn’t sound weird. Since my name in Korean class was “Yoomi” (유미), now I am “顧瑜美 / 顾瑜美”.

I am excited to continue learning more everyday.


Music Speaks Different Languages

Hello, everybody~ Hope everything is ok. I came back from having breakfast with my best friend (and roommate), Maria, and her family. We went to a Mexican restaurant that we’ve been last year as well. Really good food and I never get to see the restaurant’s name unfortunately.  I should ask and invite my family one day they come visit me. I came back and spent my time relaxing because I’m so sleepy after going to the movies with my Korean friend from Korean class last year and went to get some Thai Tea with BOBA! *laughs*

Whenever I am tired, taking a shower, washing the dishes, doing homework, studying for a test, fixing stuff, packing or unpacking…  I always have to have MUSIC! Why music? Because it relaxes me and I enjoy singing along. I would like to share a few music videos and songs I enjoy from different countries. Seriously, I don’t understand a lot of songs, but I learn by looking at the lyrics. It’s a good way to learn more words in whatever language you want. But beware that songs may be written too poetic and you wouldn’t express yourself like that in real life. You need to learn which words or expressions we don’t use and that the grammar is not fixed differently as casual conversations. I just really like to sing and be able to pronounce correctly and knowing a few words here and there.

These videos are the following. I hope you enjoy.

Spanish: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y9hvhf0ZuXs

This song is called “Decidiste Dejarme” (You Decided to Leave Me) by Camila. I totally understand the lyrics, and I have to say that Camila has the best songs in Latin America. I’m a fan of pop and ballads in Spanish more than rancheras and gruperas, because for me I like slower and meaningful words with good signing vocals. I look for that in songs, and even if I don’t understand a lot of songs, I can feel the meanings by the background music as singers singer.

French: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mLLnj8XPUWY

This song is called “Sur le Fil” (On the Wire) by Jenifer (Bartoli). She is my favorite French singer. She looks like a very nice, kind, and humorous woman. A lot of her songs are on my iPod, and when I go to French class or get out, I listen to her. I think she won first place in a singing show, and she was a coach in The Voice France. How awesome is that?

Korean: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2rU_RZy2XhI

This song is called “Spellbound (수리수리 Surisuri)” by TVXQ! (동방신기). In my opinion, TVXQ is one of the few old groups that their style and way of singing is very original. This band was composed of five members, but three of them slip up from TVXQ and only a duo is singing. The girls in this music video are just back-up dancers. I really detest to have to fight with people on Facebook that TVXQ is now two, and not five. They can’t see reality.They debuted on December 26, 2003, and they are the first Korean band I ever listened to. Their songs are not boring at all; they have ballads and pop style, they don’t sound like the new bands of Kpop and I can almost assure you their faces are natural, because compared to the new groups, TVXQ look manlier than any group. They can dance, sing, act, very famous in Japan (they sing in Japanese too), and many more things. They’re perfect!

Japanese: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WIdWXhV33vs

This song is called “Uza” by AKB48. They are 48 girls singing and they have different categories, A, K, and B. Easy to guess right? Instead of picking a very cute Japanese song, I decided to choose a more serious look from them. My favorite one is Kojima Haruna. She is like the princess of the group. They are good at singing and they do special shows different than normal singers.

Mandarin: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lEtKkPD-pGM

This song is called “這不是我 – zhè bùshì wǒ” (That is Not Me) by Aaron Yan. He was in a group called Fahrenheit, but they did split up a few years ago. This song and the video are from the drama he appeared called “Fall in Love With Me”. If you love or want to try Taiwanese dramas, this one is definitely awesome. He is very handsome and will appear twice as much! Very talented man, right?

Italian: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LL_G7hHJy3c#t=126

This song is called “Se Non Te” (Except You) by Laura Pausini. This woman is very talented. She sings in Italian and Spanish and speaks Spanish fluently. She has a very powerful voice and very strong meaningful lyrics and expresses them very well with her voice. She is currently being a coach in The Voice México, and she is very friendly and funny. I hope someone from her team wins. If I was there, and she would have turned around, I would have chosen her.

Vietnamese: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mzMxrSiiP3k

This song is called “Ai Ai Ai” (Who Who Who) by La Thăng (Kel Vin Huy Khánh and Huy Nam) featuring Khởi My. La Thăng is a duo by Kel Vin Khánh and Huy Nam. Khởi My is a solo singer. They have been getting a lot of attention these couple of months because they are very charismatic and funny, especially for Kelvin and Khởi My. Khởi My is a very talented singer. I love all her songs. She is one of my favorite singers from Vietnam.

Thai: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m2-obGipMf8

This song is called “ทำใจไม่ได้ (tham ja mai dai)” (I Can’t / Not Accept) by Knomjean. I cannot write the accepts of the pronunciations of Thai because I am not really familiar, only just by reading, I know. I don’t write Thai in pronunciations words in English alphabet. Doesn’t Thai sounds awesome? I love Thai. And this singer is a good singer. Very pretty as well. A lot of people in Thailand are pretty, aren’t they? Like Porshe Saran Sirilak, Knomjean Kulamas, and Noona Nuengthida, among others. Thai songs can be pretty realistic and meaningful. Their style is amazing for me. I fell in love with Thai music.

Extra: Portuguese: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GnJ2bIajvFw

This song is called “Lábios Divididos” by Maná featuring Thiaguinho. This song is originally sung by Maná in Spanish in 2006. This song is Portuguese version and if you listen to the original version, the song sounds pretty similar. Today when I went to the Mexican restaurant, I was serving myself my second plate and I heard some women making line behind me speaking and I was wondering what language they spoke. My eyes widened to know it was Portuguese. It’s not like you happen to listen to Portuguese right behind you, so it was the highlight. I guess Brazilian people like Mexican food like a lot of other races too.

** If you don’t know anybody from this list and you like them, you can research about them. I will be posting a new list of different songs. Don’t worry, I still have a lot of music to share.

Thank you everyone for reading this and supporting this blog that has a few days of being born.


See you soon France!

I am missing my family and I need to start on France soon. Yesterday I had the opportunity to join a Google Hangout with a professor of the graduate school I am planning on going and I took notes on very important things. I’m going to list the things that she talked about.

Ten Ways to Prepare for Life as a Translation, Interpretation, or Localization Management Student 

  1. Read extensively, especially in your non-native language(s).
  2. Watch the TV news and listen to radio news and podcasts on current events in all working languages.
  3. Strengthen your general knowledge of economics, history, law, international politics, and scientific concepts and principles (in that order).
  4. Live in a country where your non-native language is spoken.
  5. Fine-tune your writing and research skills.
  6. Improve your public speaking skills.
  7. Hone your analytical skills.
  8. Become computer savvy.
  9. Learn how to take care of yourself under stress.
  10. Be prepared for lifelong learning.

So there you go. She talked about them in detail and told us how to do it and what to do. I realized that I had been doing a few things she told us we had to do. In contrast to what she said, I don’t know like to read the news, especially if it’s about laws and economics. I do not find it entertaining. Maybe if I start doing it now, I will find it like a great idea to follow my future. If I have to do it for my future, then I sure will.

It’s very pathetic for me that I have never been abroad except my country and the U.S., and I find her idea of going abroad for a time like a very good idea. I cannot enter to that graduate school if I don’t go abroad. Since I need to concentrate on Spanish and French for graduate school, I think Mexico counts as one and I don’t have to go back to Mexico just to communicate because I speak Spanish to my family and parents all the time and never in English and well… I just need France.

My Taiwanese friend, Peter, is in France right now and I told him that I was planning on going to France to practice my French for either six months or one year. I don’t know. France is very expensive. He gave me an idea of how pricey it is. He told me it’s more expensive than the places around university. Yeah, I’m scared. I need to get my visa too. I don’t know if I want to teach or study in France to get my visa faster and they will get me a discount if I do so. In my opinion, I don’t want to teach English or Spanish; I prefer to tutor someone who is struggling with the languages. Studying sounds good, but what can I study if I will graduate from university already? I don’t want to have a fifth year in university. I want to be done in four years and then after France, do two more years of graduate school and then work.

 Source: studentadventures.co.uk

I cannot wait for my next big adventure in a few more years. I hope it will be a great experience and I am nervous since I knew I had to do this. L’expérience est très important, N’est-ce pas vrai?